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Your Goals, Our Expertise

We want to know what's important to you. We want to hear your financial objectives, and goals. Tell us what you have done so far, so that we can provide advice that leaves no stone unturned and all concerns addressed. Tell us what you want to accomplish right now. Tell us how you envision your future. 

Once your goals have been established we will select and recommend appropriate strategies to suit your goals and objectives. We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:

  • Fee Based Investment Management (TIMS)
  • Tax Free and Tax Favored Investments
  • Investment Asset Allocation Recommendations
  • Retirement Needs Analysis
  • 401k Rollovers and establishment
  • ROTH and Traditional IRAs
  • 403b Tax Shelters
  • College Need Analysis and Planning
  • Estate Planning and Conservation
  • Life Insurance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Long Term Care Insurance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities providing Lifetime Income and Death Benefits
  • CDs and Fixed Income Investments
  • Retiremnt Plans for All Size Businesses
  • Business Planning
  • Group Term Insurance and Group Long Term Care